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About the UDWC Co-op

UDWC stands for UTCH Davis/Weber co-op. We are a *UTCH state member home education cooperative meeting weekly for 10 week fall and winter terms to provide group instruction in a variety of subjects.  We are a parent participation co-op and not a drop off program. We currently meet at Mountain View Baptist Church in Layton city in Davis county.  The church does not operate our co-op, it has offered the space as a ministry/out-reach.  Our co-op is made up of UTCH state member families who attend a wide variety of area churches. 

UDWC classes are taught by parents, guardians, and friends in the community.  Parents/guardians are on campus for the day, (Classes START at 9:00am and end at 1:45pm).  It is not a drop-off co-op. Parents guardians at UDWC are busy all day! They are teaching/helping, (based on a rotation schedule) in their own children’s classes or other classes, serving in the nursery, supervising their own children in a study hall, (for when they do not have a class every period), supervising other students in a study hall for other parents/guardians while they are teaching/helping, monitoring halls and bathrooms, substituting for sick teachers/helpers, cleaning, etc. 

We have a nursery and classes for pre-school, K-1, 2-3, 4-6, and 7-12.  Some parents/guardians chose to coordinate classes and serve as the main instructor/single teacher instead of setting up a rotation for parents and guardians to take turns teaching.  However, most of the parents/guardians who choose to serve as the single teacher have sign-ups for helpers.  

For a list of co-op dates, please see the "Registration" Tab.

* www.utch.org