: Co-Op Philosophy

UDWC is a Parent Participation co-op. Co-op leadership, in conjunction with course coordinators, determine the course schedule for the year.  Parents of students enrolled in those courses teach material if it is a teaching rotation course.  Additionally, UDWC leadership, in conjunction with course coordinators, determine the total number of Helper Units needing coverage throughout the entire schedule and divide them among the participants.  Therefore, some parents may serve as helpers in courses in addition to/other than those in which their students are enrolled.

Our cooperative is "re-designed" every year as each participating family considers what courses their own children need and what they are willing to volunteer to coordinate. So... the cooperative course offerings change each year.  No courses are offered without someone suggesting them and offering to coordinate. This is a large co-op, we encourage families who are looking for something smaller or in a location that suits them better to start a co-op that meets their needs and the needs of other like-minded families

Some past courses include: Preschool skills, movement and art, Science exploration and lab courses (several from Apologia curriculum) for all grades, Theater Arts, Writing/Composition, Art Studio, Physical Education, and much more.  

We ask families who choose to participate in this co-op to commit to participation for the full year and regular attendance, missing only due to illness or emergency. We ask families in UDWC to make co-op attendance a priority and schedule family vacations, activities, and appointments on different days.  If you cannot commit to regular attendance and participation for the full year, UDWC is not the right co-op for your family. UDWC is volunteer dependent and the short terms (10 weeks) mean that every week’s materials are very important for students to master materials presented.  In addition, withdrawals during the co-op year burden coordinators, teachers, and co-op families with the time-consuming responsibility of filling empty teaching and helping slots.