UTCH Davis-Weber Homeschool Co-Operative

A cooperative learning community for homeschool families in the Davis and Weber counties of Utah.

About the Davis/Weber Co-Op

UDWC stands for UTCH Davis/Weber Co-Operative and is an official co-op of the Utah Christian Home School Association (see https://utch.org). We are a homeschool co-op that meets weekly for 10 week fall and winter terms to provide group instruction in a variety of subjects.  We are a parent participation co-op and not a drop off program. Our host campus is Mountain View Baptist Church in Layton city in Davis county.  The church does not operate our co-op, it has offered the space as a ministry/out-reach.  Our co-op is made up of families who attend a wide variety of area churches.  

Co-op Philosophy

UDWC is a Parent Participation co-op. Co-op leadership, in conjunction with course coordinators, determine the course schedule for the year.  Parents of students enrolled in those courses teach material if it is a teaching rotation course.  Additionally, UDWC leadership, in conjunction with course coordinators, determine the total number of Helper Units needing coverage throughout the entire schedule and divide them among the participants.  Therefore, some parents may serve as helpers in courses in addition to/other than those in which their students are enrolled.

We ask families who choose to participate in this co-op to commit to participation for the full year and regular attendance, missing only due to illness or emergency. We ask families in UDWC to make co-op attendance a priority and schedule family vacations, activities, and appointments on different days.  If you cannot commit to regular attendance and participation for the full year, UDWC is not the right co-op for your family. UDWC is volunteer dependent and the short terms (10 weeks) mean that every week’s materials are very important for students to master materials presented.  In addition, withdrawals during the co-op year burden coordinators, teachers, and co-op families with the time-consuming responsibility of filling empty teaching and helping slots.

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Our annual co-op family registration fee is $25, payable in cash on the mandatory orientation day in late August/early September (or January for Winter Term Registrants.) There is a mandatory background check and cash fee of $6.00 payable to MVBC for every parent/guardian/teacher/helper on campus at MVBC on UDWC class days (this background check is good for 2 calendar years.)  There are also class supply fees set by coordinators and payable directly to them in cash at orientation.  No fees are refundable if a family withdraws as supplies are purchased by coordinators before co-op begins. 


  • Winter registration opens Thursday, November 11, 2021 at 9am and closes Tuesday, November 23, 2021 at 10pm.
  • There are more details listed in the Registration Directions Winter '21-'22 Year document.
  • For any additional questions or problems please email info@dwcoop.net